Welcome to the Higher Education Conference of the Year

We are pleased to announce that the 6th edition of Global Conference on Education and Teaching – THE distance learning higher education conference 2024 to attend – will be hosted on 25-27 October 2024 in the stunning city of Nice, France.

The field of education has undergone seismic change in the last few years. As the world got disrupted by a global pandemic, teaching and education had to adjust overnight to the new realm of technology-enabled distance learning. This was an abrupt change, the shock of which had resonated through every subdiscipline. While many pre-pandemic activities and practices have since resumed, approaches and frameworks in the field of education have been irreversibly altered.

This global higher education conference will bring together academics, educators, researchers, and scientists from around the world to evaluate the state of education, share their experiences on common challenges and solutions, and inspire each other’s research in their continuous pursuit of deepening their knowledge.

This series of elementary higher education conferences is built on the principles of cross-border knowledge exchange, quality, and community. Don’t miss out.

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Join This Distance Education Conference as a Presenter

If you recently completed a research project and are looking for the right platform to maximize the reach of your paper, this higher education conference is for you.

Offering a variety of formats to accommodate the needs and preferences of talented academicians, the childhood education conference is now accepting submissions.

Do an oral presentation
Present at the venue of the conference. Engage your audience, share your work, answer questions, and inspire others.

Do a virtual presentation
Don’t let geographical boundaries prevent you from sharing your research – apply to join the public education conference as a virtual speaker.

Do a poster presentation
Share your findings through the highly visual format of a poster presentation, and engage in one-on-one and group discussions.

Conference Themes

This childhood education conference will feature presentations and research on the following topics: education, e-Learning, English and Foreign Language Teaching (ELT/ FLT), Teaching-learning Relationship, Learning and Teaching. Other related topics will also be considered.

Get Your Academic Paper Published

Expand the reach of your research and advance your academic career by getting your research published.

  • Proceedings Publication:

All accepted and presented papers will be electronically published in the official higher education research conference Proceedings with an ISBN number. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref will be assigned for each paper.

  • Journal Publication:

We will provide you with the opportunity to publish your paper in various Scopus, and international indexed journals.

Past Editions of this Distance childhood conference 2024 in Pictures

A Free Guided Tour of Nice

If you are able to attend in-person, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the majestic city of Nice on a free guided 1-day tour. You will get to visit some of the most prominent landmarks of this city as well as explore its dynamic, modern side.

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