Keynote Speaker

Dr. Yaxin Bi

School of Computing, Ulster University, UK

Education conference

Topic: Understanding Student Engagement through Sentiment Analysis of Response Times to Coursework Feedback

Dr. Yaxin Bi is a Reader in School of Computing at Ulster University. His principal research interests include multiple supervised and unsupervised machine learning-based classification systems and ensemble methods in conjunction with the Dempter-Shafer (DS) theory of evidence; data analytics and decision making with uncertainty methods for satellite data exploitation with an emphasis on anomaly/change detection; and sentiment analytics for opinion mining. He has recently conducted a series of studies in using sentiment analytics to analyse student emotional engagement.  Yaxin has more than 170 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and conferences. He has served for a number of international conferences as general chair, program chair and program committee member, he also is an associate editor for International Journal of Intelligence Systems as well as a steering committee member for the series of International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and management (KSEM).

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