A Recap of Learning Conference 2024

Learning Conference 2024 was built on the success of the first Fifth editions of the event. Every year, this prestigious academic learning and development conference 2024 in the field of teaching and education brings together a highly diverse audience for three days of learning, networking, and making lifelong memories.
In 2024, the teaching and learning conference 2024 welcomed attendees from Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, and Algeria, to name a few. The participants represented various sectors – academia, non-profit and government agencies, and private businesses.
This range of experiences makes for engaging conversations, immersive learning, and lively networking.
Don’t miss out on the 6th edition of the event. It promises to be even bigger and better.
See you in Nice!

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Mark Your Calendar with These Important Dates

Take advantage of early bird discounts, submit your manuscript, and other dates to keep in mind – and on your calendar.

Topics and Themes of the Learning Conference

Learning Conference 2024 featured a wide range of themes. Here are the topics that the scientific committee currently accepts submissions on. You can submit a paper on a related topic as well.

A variety of themes, including but not limited to: education, e-Learning, English and Foreign Language Teaching (ELT/ FLT), Teaching-learning Relationship, Learning and Teaching. Other related topics will also be considered. If you’d like to submit your manuscript, other related topics will be considered.

Speaking and Presentation Opportunities

Learning conferences 2024 feature various paper presentation options to ensure that the events provide engaging learning opportunities for the attendees.

Present in the lecture hall of the venue, discuss your findings with the audience via a Q&A session, and inspire your fellow participants.


If you prefer to present your findings in the more informal atmosphere of the networking floor, you can do so via a poster presentation.


If you can’t travel to the venue of the event, apply to join as a virtual speaker. Present your paper live and address questions from the audience.

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Receive a Certificate of Participation

By joining learning conferences 2024, you will receive a certificate that verifies your participation as a delegate or presenter.

Advance your academic career by showcasing your commitment to cross-border learning and peer engagement.

Why Attend Learning Conferences in 2024

Learning Conference 2024 participants rank these as the most important benefits of the event:

Paper presentation opportunities

This will help you exponentially increase the reach of your research and reputation in the academic community, as well as gather feedback and inspiration for your next research endeavor.

Abundant networking options

Whether you prefer to interact with your peers in a more formal setting of the event or in a more relaxed atmosphere of a city tour, you will find plenty of opportunities to connect with the other participants.

Multi-format learning

Everyone learns differently. Some excel at workshop-style learning, others prefer to absorb information through a lecture-style presentation. teaching learning conference offer these and more!

New collaboration prospects

Use this diverse platform to identify partnership opportunities, be it with fellow academics, private and government institutions’ funding opportunities, or mentorship.

The Scientific Committee of Learning Conferences 2024

The scientific committee of the 6th conference on teaching and learning  is made up of accomplished researchers, educators, and scholars. Associated with some of the leading academic institutions in the world, the members of the committee ensure that every paper that gets presented at learning conferences 2024 adheres to the strictest criteria of quality, authenticity, and relevance.

Explore Nice on a Free Guided Tour

For a rounded event experience, we invite every attendee to join us on a free guided tour of the historic city of Nice.
This city plays an indispensable role in history – a birth place of countless scientists, philosophers, and writers. Nice is as stunning by day as it is by night. Explore the hidden gems, try the local cuisine, and absorb the rich culture and history.

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